Lamda Results July 2019 – Amazing results. Well Done Everyone!

Taksal Ghuman Stage 3 Distinction

Brahmleen Ghumna Stage 1 Distinction

Beatrix Bennet Stage 1 Distinction

Christopher Dodridge Gr 2 pass

Charlotte Owen Gr 3 Distinction

Francesca Caddell Gr 4 Acting Distinction

Evie Berriman Gr 5 V&P Distinction

Evie Berriman Shakespeare Award Level 2 Distinction

Raphael Gahagan Gr 5 V&P Distinction

Florence Watts Gr 5 Acting Distinction

Harriette Puddy-Jones Gr 5 V&P Distinction

Louis Mars Gr 6 V&P Distinction

Aimee Larkins Gr 6 Musical Theatre Distinction

Charlotte Owen Gr 6 Acting Distinction

Hermione Shoukry Gr 6 Acting Merit

Emma Torres Gr 7 V&P Distinction

Jay Heywood Gr 7 V&P Merit

Isabella Lane Gr 7 V&P Distinction

Isabella Lane Gr Musical Theatre Distinction

Isobella Cooper Gr 8 V&P Distinction

Fiona Moores Gr 8 Acting Distinction

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